Memorial Inscriptions

Below are links to two pdf documents (Inscriptios1.pdf and Inscriptions2.pdf) containing lists of inscriptions in the church yard and within the church.

Inscriptions1 was compiled by Michael Greatorex in 1977 is an incomplete list of memorial inscriptions for Winster Church.  The entries are in alphabetical order of surname.  Each entry has an plan number to indicate the location of the grave on the graveyard plan on the last page.

Inscriptions2 was compiled by Helen Bastin in 1993 and is a complete record of memorial inscriptions both in the graveyard and the church.  Each entry is labelled with a letter (A to E or Ch) followed by an index number.  The letters A to E indicate the area within the churchyard as shown on the plan on page 3 where the grave is located.  Memorial inscriptions within the church are listed after those within the graveyard.

To find the inscription for a particular person, look up the name in the list of names on page 75 to obtain the reference to the inscription and refer back to the appropriate inscription label.

Place namess noted on inscription are listed on page 84

A list of masons is listed on page 86


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